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Luce's journey

From Digital Director in the field of catering to Event Designer and Event Planner, there was only one pirouette followed by the opening of a Ball.

Attracted by the field of events and weddings for several years, I set out to bring your desires to life. Because the future belongs to those who dream and there are no limits to creativity and elegance.

Coming from Bandol in the Var (South East of France), initially trained at IPAG Business School Nice in the 2000s, followed by a professional career in the field of digital marketing mainly in the Paris region, I wanted to develop my professional trajectory.​

Formed in March 2023 at the B School Events (Wedding Planner and Wedding Designer School), now part of the Wedding Club Business Bordeaux, I was intensively trained in all the practical aspects of setting up and coordinating events by assisting 5 Wedding Planners at 10 weddings in various locations with various scenographic themes over the 2023 season.

Luce Brunerie - Wedding designer

How about we meet?

As an expert in project management, sprinkled with creativity and a sense of detail, I will be delighted to discuss with you, present to you the premium methodology for managing your event project which will guide you and make advance your project in serenity and good mood.


For this purpose, you can contact me via the various communication channels specified in the "Contact" section.

Looking forward to meeting you and helping you make your dream event a reality.

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